Roman Zaslavsky​

Close your eyes, the piano is there.”  ~Pizzicato, Luxemburg

New Album Trailer 2020


Roman Zaslavsky
Robert Schumann & Johannes Brahms

Kreisleriana op. 16, Fantasies for Piano
Three Intermezzi op. 117
Two Rhapsodies op. 79


Lately—perhaps as a counterpart to his “Ingenious Opposites”—Zaslavsky has initiated another very successful project, a concert series he calls “Weggefärten” and which, rather than juxtaposing opposites, compares related composers. It is common knowledge that both Robert and his wife Clara Schumann inspired Johannes Brahms. Yet, from the beginning of their lifelong friendship, the much younger Brahms had a considerable impact on Schumann and we may very well speak of a “cross-fertilization”. In this regard we are very curious and very much looking forward to Zaslavsky’s new CD release and to discover the similarities between these two composers both from a musical and literary perspective. The pianist’s uncanny sensitivity for polyphonic nuances and sonority and, last not least, his flawless technical mastery will promise a most unique musical pleasure.

Rolf-Peter Wille

Pianist, Composer, Author